Life Changes

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There are many reasons it may become difficult to keep up a home...either to keep it in good shape, or to keep up with its expenses.


Sickness. Physical challenges. Job loss. Financial hardship. Divorce or other changes that you might never have imagined.

  • Maybe you're afraid a short sale or foreclosure will hurt your credit and - even worse - cause you to lose the equity you have.

  • Maybe the house is in bad shape. You don't have the cash to fix it up, but you can't bear to sell it at the price you think you'd get.

  • Maybe you've gotten a "Notice of Default" from the bank, and it's put you in a pickle...


Whether you're angry, frustrated or downright panicky at the situation you're in, it could help to have a caring, discreet real estate pro to talk to, who can explain your options and go through the problem-solving process with you.

BECAUSE YOU STILL HAVE CHOICES. YOU have the power to determine what happens next.

We would love to be a resource and refuge for you. We've helped countless clients, and have solved problems in countless creative ways based on their needs. We've helped with refinancing, remodeling, selling quickly off-market, selling to cash investors...and we're happy to provide references!

Please don't hesitate to call. We have the experience, resources, and reassurances that can take the pressure off and help you move forward with confidence! 

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